Sunday, April 11, 2010


A man amazed to see a parrot strapped to seat next to him while flying.
he ordered a cup of coffee.
Parrot:bring me a peg of whiskey fool.
Stewardess hurries and gets whiskey for parrot but forgets the coffee.
parrot clears it in a gulp.
Man reminds her of coffee order.
Parrot thunders again :make another whiskey fast you idiot.
Stewerdess runs fast but again forgets the coffee and brings the whiskey.
Man is annoyed and tries the parrot formula
Bring coffee fast you idiot or i'll kick you.
Two heavy stewards come up and throw both parrot and the man out of the plane from emergency window.
While they are falling down the parrot says to the man : being a man of species who cannot fly you complain way too- too much man.


Nandhini said...

Hahahhah....good one!!